Season preparation 2012

Winter is rehabbing time. Since I never got a chance to ride in 2011 (because the fuel injection system was not yet complete), I hope to get a lot of test riding done in 2012. The motorcycle I usually use is equipped with a fuel injection, Motec M400 control unit and a Motec ADL for the display. My substitute motorcycle is still running with a carburetor.

Both motorcycles run on PVM 6 spoked wheels – a new design. Chassis: Both have a Honda RS250R fork (Production Racer), overhauled and modified fork bridges. They brake using ISR Monoblock brake calipers (small), 6 pistons, one is cross-bolted and the other has a 40mm mounting. The disks are also from ISR, oem diameter 296mm, with a thin brake ring 22mm. As usual, the coolers are from Gerd Böckers.

Both have Wilber’s shocks working in back, which are individually adjustable at low/high speed ranges. Each motorcycle has a short, aluminum rear frame with a small 6.9 AH battery (Suzuki RGV 250). One releases exhaust using a JHA 2 in 2 units and the other using a Tyga Performance  4 in 1 unit.