The bodies for fuel injection are finished

The bodies are done and fit the engine well. We also received the extensions so now everything can be mounted on the bike. Conz fit a fuel pump from a Honda PC37 into the carbon fiber tank. Airtight. Now I can go back up to Thorsten’s in Hamburg. The camshaft sensor was also already placed in the engine. T.D. finished the mounting himself and the pickup comes from a Honda RC30, ignition pickup, which he had already successfully tested on a RC30. Arrived in Hamburg, unpacked everything and began to put the puzzle pieces together. Put the camshaft sensor in and close the engine with a homemade seal. Hopefully it’s airtight, though more on that later. Attach the bodies, – child’s play compared to the carborator and flat side valveh. Connect the fuel rails to each other using a hose. Attach the hose to the tank and the bodies. It’s time for the first test.