The first start with fuel injection

I went back up to Hamburg again, but today is a special day, the first start attempt with the injection. Now we’ll see if the decision to go to T.D. was the right one. Turn the battery on and Thorsten turned on the ignition for the first time, it made a clack and the main fuse was done. Great start, I thought. A huge amount of money and time invested and something goes wrong in the first 10 seconds. But Thortsen knew where the problem was without thinking about it too long. Inverted cable in the solenoid starter “In the SP it’s the other way around.” Flipped cable, ignition on, gas pump ran. I thought everything was actually working fine now. The gas pump delivered no pressure, it wasn’t running right. So turned the cable in the AMP plug and started the next attempt. It worked, pressure built up. Now T.D. started playing around on his laptop, tested the ignition coils, the injectors, tps, etc. Words cannot express my excitement, I also only understood half of what Thortsen was doing. Everything checked, now he pressed the ignition. Once, twice, three times and the thing actually started up on the fifth try. WOW. Thortsen changed serveral parameters at this point and the motorcycle ran better and better. It was done, Thorsten did his job, now mine begins. Properly tune up the motorcyle.

rvf400 with fuelinjection part 1.MOV

rvf400 with fuelinjection part 2.MOV