Wiring harness, my first experiences

First, I have to say that the cable harness I got from T.D. was put together really professionally and still has tons of open plugs left where a number of sensors can be added. So, doing a lot with a little. It works flawlessly. Thorsten put the controller at the front in the cockpit, which I don’t really like, personally. It’s not a good place for it to be in the event of an accident, plus it’s more secure in the back frame. So I set off to build myself a new cable harness. The Motec M400 is moving from front to the back frame. The cable runs would have to be shortened a little, so the cable harness is lighter. I’ll remove all the empty plugs first, only keeping what’s necessary. I’m terrified of electrics. Cables are not my cup of tea. I found the right tool, the plug, cable and everything else that goes with it. For a long time I stood in front of the motorcycle again and again to visualize the cable runs, made drawings and then took the first cable. Crimping the cable ( 0,35²) by hand works well. After a few tries, I was satisfied with the result. Crimping the larger cross-section is serious business! The pins from the Motec do not want to work the way I want. I messed up a few pair already. But with help from a friend, it worked out. Eventually I was satisfied with the outcome there as well. The first cables could then be inserted into the plugs in the controller. We’ll see what happens. I can’t wait.

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