Fuel injection works!!

That’s a milestone reached. The motorcycle runs and has had about 300 dynamometer tests. I am basically satisfied with the preliminary result, but I think it can be better. A lot of little problems have to be swept out of the way. Leakages on the engine and of course on the lead from the new camshaft sensor. The valve head cover had a hairline crack in it, we were a few hours into the country before we discovered that. One coupling gave up the ghost, etc.  A lot of little things that cost us time and aggravation. The map is now cylinder selective, i.e. the cylinder banks at the front and back are injected seperately. We measure using 2 Bosch lambda sensors LSU 4.9, front and back. We basically did not change the ignition map. It was adopted as is from the Ignijet-CDI. First a completed site, before we open a new one. To be able to hook up two lambda sensors to a Motec M400, you need an LTC from Motec, so that the 2nd sensor is connected via the CAN-bus to the ECU. It’s not magic.The following sensors were put in : 2. lambda sensors, map sensor, air temperature, throttle valve sensor, circuit breaker, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, speed and a GPS mouse. Now it’s just the final map that has to be created, because we have only mapped without the airbox. New rubber seals for the bodies are also being made, that should probably add something. More on that later, when I have the new cable harnes and the airbox done. Only then will it go on the dyno. I’m actually excited to see how it rides on the track.